Welcome to Crankshaft Repair

When faced with a problem involving an engine’s crankshaft, most vehicle owners have questions and do not understand all of the terminology that a mechanic or automotive machinist uses. Crankshaft Repair is a website, operated by an ASE certified engine machinist, designed to educate consumers about repairing crankshafts and the machining processes that are required to accomplish this task.

Although many crankshafts are repaired for ordinary stock engines, which are typically referred to as daily drivers, many high performance crankshaft repair options are also available. We would encourage you to visit our many categories to learn about the repair options that exist for your specific engine.

Before continuing to any point within our website, it is highly recommended that you review our crankshaft terminology page. This page will help you to better understand and associate specific terms used to describe the various areas on a crankshaft. Once you do have a solid understanding of the terms used to describe the sections of a crankshaft, we would then recommend visiting our cleaning and inspection page. The visual inspection process is the first stage in determining how much damage a crankshaft has sustained and the estimated cost it will take to repair it.

Although most crankshafts are repaired by grinding the journals, others may need to be straightened or even welded first. The amount of wear on the journals and thrust bearing surface often determines whether a repair is wise or a replacement makes more sense. In most cases a repaired crankshaft will cost far less than replacing it, which will save the vehicle owner a significant amount of money.

At any time you may visit one of our categories to the right to locate specific information about your crankshaft. Along with these resources, our website does include a search feature so that you can search for information by keyword.