About Us

The primary source of content that appears on the Crankshaft Repair website originates from an ASE certified engine machinist named Bill. Having been an automotive machinist for over twenty five years, Bill’s knowledge of both stock and performance crankshaft repairs is an invaluable asset to automotive enthusiasts around the country. In addition to straightening, grinding and welding crankshafts, Bill has also knife-edged and cross-drilled crankshafts for racing applications.

In his many years as an engine machinist, Bill has been employed at a number of leading automotive machine shops. He has operated equipment manufactured by Berco, RMC and many others. This machinery, when properly maintained, enables machinists the opportunity to perform repairs that hold tolerances within .0001”.

Though Bill has a great deal of experience with crankshaft repairs, he has also reconditioned engine blocks, cylinder heads and connecting rods. Since all of these components must maintain close tolerances, they are all important components that make up the internal combustion engine. This vast amount of knowledge has earned Bill a solid reputation among other automotive professionals and vehicle owners.

Although the information on this website is accurate, those at Crankshaft Repair would encourage consumers to utilize this information in a way that better enables them to understand what the machining processes their local automotive machine shop uses to repair crankshafts. Different engine machinists may utilize different machining processes to achieve the same result, which is something that any experienced machinist is aware of. The goal of those of us at Crankshaft Repair is to inform vehicle enthusiasts and consumers about the options they have available to them when a crankshaft becomes damaged.

Those who may have specific questions regarding their crankshaft may use the contact form to contact a member of the Crankshaft Repair team. A representative will do his or her best to respond to each inquiry as time permits.