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Automotive Machine Shop Prices

As with any product or service, the cost of repairing a crankshaft will greatly depend on the region in which you reside. Are there many machine shops around? If so, this competition tends to drive down prices and the consumer realizes lower repair costs. However, if there are few automotive machine shops around, the cost to weld or grind a crankshaft will likely be higher. Setting local market conditions aside, which do influence labor costs, let’s look at some of the prices you can expect to pay when taking your crankshaft to an automotive machine shop for repair.

Labor Code GridTo understand how pricing crankshaft repairs are billed, it is important that you understand that most automotive machinists have a procedure that they follow to perform repairs. While grinding a crankshaft may have a flat fee, its current condition directly impacts the customer’s total out of pocket cost. For example, no automotive machinist wants to machine a dirty crankshaft in a $50,000.00 crankshaft grinding machine. Before internal engine parts are remanufactured, they must be cleaned, inspected and repaired in a sequence that matches the damage that must be repaired. Continue reading