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Discover how crankshaft welding can repair a severely damaged automotive crankshaft that otherwise would be scrap.

Crankshaft Welding

When a vehicle’s engine develops a “knock,” most vehicle owners shut down the engine right away or immediately take the vehicle to a service center to be looked at by a qualified ASE certified technician. Knocks are often a sign of bearing failure and if ignored, will severely damage the crankshaft journals. In some of these cases, where the journals are so severely damaged that they are unable to be repaired by grinding, a weld is needed to perform the repair.

Crankshaft welding is a process by which new material is added to a journal or thrust. This new material is needed because there are only so many available bearings available for a crankshaft that has been ground under its original size. Common oversized bearings are available in .25mm, .50mm and .75mm metric options. Older vehicle engines, which may still use inches for size, may have bearings available that are .010”, .020” and .030”. Since one millimeter equals .0393700787 of an inch, conversion is quite simple with a little math. Regardless, even at .75mm there is only .02952 inches of material that can be taken off of a journal before bearing availability becomes a problem. Continue reading