Privacy Policy

In an effort to better inform our visitors, this privacy policy outlines how we collect and use data received from our users. Your personal and private information is important to us, so please take this opportunity to review how we take steps to safeguard your identity and personal information.

The Crankshaft Repair website is hosted by a third party, which is commonly referred to as a webhost. This provider maintains a server where our webpages may be served to visitors throughout the day and night. Because the webhost actually owns the equipment our website resides on, they collect data to protect their equipment and to fulfill the terms of their agreement with us. Such data collection includes a user’s IP address and other non-personally identifiable information. Additionally, all E-mail and form communications with us are routed through this webhost and copies are retained on their server so that we may retrieve them. Since most webhosts do provide data backups, it is possible that any communication you have with us is stored in a compressed backup file for a period of time.

Just as most websites do, Crankshaft Repair does maintain a website log file that contains important information. This information includes a user’s IP address, the web browser they are using and what webpages they have visited. Although these logs do not contain any personally identifiable information, they do help us to better address the needs of our visitors.

Since the Crankshaft Repair website does have contact forms and communicates with visitors by E-mail, we reserve the right to retain this information so that we can better provide the service which we are offering. Personally identifiable information, such as E-mail addresses, full names, telephone numbers, etc. will never be published. However, we may publicly refer to an individual by the first name and last name initial. When available, we may refer to this person’s city or state of residence. For us, this is particularly useful when one of our visitors submits a question that the rest of our visitors could benefit from viewing.

On our website you may find ads which are served by third parties. These providers, such as Google, often use cookies to serve advertisements based on a user’s prior website visits and geographical location. Google often serves DoubleClick cookies, which is a third party advertisement serving company known to deliver rich media and highly targeted ads. Cookies are commonly used by many different websites and not just for serving advertisements. In ecommerce transactions, for example, cookies are used to track what items a shopper may have in their cart. For advertisements, cookies often are used to serve each user with highly relevant advertisements that are customized. You may view Google’s privacy policy here and how Google and DoubleClick use cookies and other technologies to serve targeted advertising to our visitors here.

To protect your identity online, we would advise the use of a reputable anti-virus software. Additionally, do not give out any personally identifiable information unless it is on a secure webpage and with a vendor with a known reputation of being trustworthy. Places, such as the Better Business Bureau, can be quite useful with verifying the legitimacy of any company that is requesting personal information from you.

If you have questions about this privacy policy, we encourage you to contact us with any questions that you may have.